Sunday, 14 August 2011

Well, I think someone was fibbing when they said it was going to be 24°c in Norwich today! Grey grey grey. I've had a pretty productive day, but I've found it's actually quite hard to get motivated when you don't really have anything you need or have to do from day to day. I doubt I'll be saying that in September when it's back to proper work, mind!

Anyway, enough glumness - have a cute picture:

Meet Arthur and Patrick the Roborovski hamsters. They're the world's smallest hamsters, and they like to sleep in the world's biggest strawberry :)



  1. They are, almost unbelievably cute! And SO fast, you basically can't handle them, just stroke them while they're going about their business haha. Fun to watch tho :) x

  2. Oh, oh, oh! As a friend of mine once said, they are so gorgeous I want to staple them to my face. A bizarre comment, but I could sort of see what she meant. ;-) x P

  3. Aww, your hamsters are so cute :).

    Sadie x