Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Sorry sorry sorry for the torrent of pictures, I have been pretty productive over the last few days craft wise and am feeling quite pleased with myself and wanted to show off a few things! All the above are, or will shortly be, available over in le shop.

In other news, I have my induction day at Boots tomorrow, eep! Quite looking forward to it actually, I enjoyed working in retail when I was at college and it will give me a little extra when I starting supply teaching.

My boyfriend's Canadian aunt and uncle are coming to Norwich for a visit this weekend so I am trying to think of 'typically British' activities for us to do with them, any ideas would be very much appreciated :)



  1. Such beautiful things! I love the triangle necklace!

    The Flower Girl

  2. Hello. Thanks for the follow. So happy to find your blog as a result! beautiful stuff.
    I vote you eat scones and feed ducks with the Canadians. When I was in foreign lands this summer even little things like going to the supermarket were exciting.

  3. I love the brooch with the bear in the centre! Lovely!

    xo Amy

    PS You should have a lovely blog award! I tagged you here.

  4. The hair pins are SO cute!!

    Great work!!

  5. Thanking you all! Sorry for delayed reply, busy busy busy at the moment!

    Laura x