Saturday, 8 May 2010

Hello, internet :)

Sooo, I have made a blog to show off all the goodies I have for sale in my shop, A Little Rummage, on the marvelous website Folksy. For those of you who are unaware of Folksy, it's basically an online selling platform for photographers, artists, general crafters and the like - you can find out a little more here:

Most of my makings are bits and bobs of jewellery or accessories with a vintage theme - I particularly like vintage illustrations, fabrics, and buttons, and I also use my own illustrations. I've never been much of a blogger, but all the other crafty types seem to have one of these so I thought I'd tag along (ever the trendsetter). But hopefully I will be able to make this a bit more interesting than just one big advertisement for my makings.

So today was my first day of setting up shop and it's all very exciting. Irritatingly I am sans a digital camera at the moment so I had to do my first batch of pictures of my phone, which doesn't exactly have the greatest camera in the world. Luckily my sister has come to my rescue and will be bringing me her nice shiny new digital camera to do some better pictures tomorrow so the picture will be replaced soon. But for now it's all up and running, so I should probably give you the address!