Friday, 14 September 2012

More boots.

April to September. It's been a while since my last post and I've got a lot of blog updating to do to make up for it (more to come soon, promise). But anyway. I'm here, and seem to be blogging about the same thing I was 5 months ago. Ho hum.


I'm genuinely not too fussed about footwear (I usually prefer to pair simple classic shoes with a bold outfit rather than the other way around and have been particularly enjoying the current trend for nude shades) but I seem to have a little problem with boots. It can be sweltering in the middle of July and I'll still be poking around in vintage shops (the only place you can get boots in July) for the perfect pair. But low and behold, it's autumn once again and I'm overwhelmed by choice! Topshop in particular are sporting some beauties in their AW range. I've got my eye on these...

(and you can find them here, too)

... sigh. I've got an interview at Leeds University next week and if I get the job, I think I'll be getting myself these a 'well done, you' treat :)


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